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OLOL - Altar Servers

OLOL - Banners and Displays

OLOL - Children's Liturgy/Family Mass

OLOL - Data Projectionist

OLOL - Music Ministry

OLOL - Proclaimers of the Word - 5.30pm Saturday

OLOL - Proclaimers of the Word - 9.30am Sunday

OLOL - Welcomers

OLOL - Bereavement

OLOL - Church Maintenance

OLOL - Counters

OLOL - Eucharist to the Sick & Elderly

OLOL - Flower Arrangement

OLOL - Hospitality

OLOL - Sacramental Programme (Reconciliation/Communion)

Pastoral Visitation Team

Prayer Chain (Phone tree)

RCIA (Supporting New Catholics)

Catholic Radio

Meals on Wheels

Shining Stars

Social Justice Group

St Vincent de Paul Society

Prison Sunday Chapel Team