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CHS - Altar Servers 9.30am

CHS - Altar Servers 6.00pm

CHS - Children's Liturgy - 9.30am Sunday

CHS - Mass Coordinators 7.30am

CHS - Mass Coordinators 9.30am

CHS - Mass Coordinators 6.00pm

CHS - Data Projectionist - 9.30am

CHS - Data Projectionist - 6.00pm

CHS - Eucharistic Liturgy Leader at Metlife (Wednesday)

CHS - Liturgy of the Word (Monday)

CHS - Music Ministry

CHS - Proclaimers of the Word - 7.30am

CHS - Proclaimers of the Word - 9.30am

CHS - Proclaimers of the Word - 6.00pm

CHS - Welcomers

CHS - Church Cleaning

CHS - Flower Arrangement

CHS - Hospitality - Sunday after 9.30am Mass

CHS - Hospitality - Friday after 12.05pm Mass

CHS - Parish Pastoral Council

Pastoral Visitation Team

Prayer Chain (Phone tree)

RCIA (Supporting New Catholics)

Catholic Radio

Meals on Wheels

Shining Stars

Social Justice Group

St Vincent de Paul Society

Prison Sunday Chapel Team